Introduction to Tafel M.G.V. TOKYO LIEDERTAFEL 1925


特定非営利活動法人(Nonprofit Orgnaization)



Introduction to Tafel

男声合唱団 東京リーダーターフェル1925

Location     :
5F, Jinbo BLDG, 20-1, Konyacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0035

Male Choir Tokyo Liedertafel 1925 (MGV. TLT 1925) Established in 1925
Authorized NPO by Tokyo Metropolitan Government

TLT 1925 was founded by the late Takatoshi Yamaguchi, who had a strong longing for German Male Choir movement (Liedertafel) and the late Hideo Akiyama, who served later as a president of Japan Chorus Federation. TLT 1925 is the oldest non-professional male choir which consists of contributing member of the society in Japan.

We have been continuing international exchange with the German choir society as the only Japanese member of German Choir Federation. After we invited the late Dietrich Schmidt as the guest conductor, German choir music has become one of our important repertoires. Mr. Schmidt later became honorary conductor. We participated six times in choral festivals sponsored by German Chorus Federation and introduced the Japanese choir pieces. We have regularly visited Germany for concert tour to deepen exchanges with the choirs of more than 20 cities and have received a sincere welcome from respective choirs.

As the result of these exchanges, the following choirs from Germany visited us for joint performance in Tokyo and Osaka: Saarknappenchor, Berliner Liedertafel 1885, Leipzig-Nord male choir, and the Augsburg Mixed Chorus, and Nieder-Wöllstadt "Concordia".

In 1971 we called for all the male choirs across the nations to set up the Japan Male Chorus Association (JAMCA) to promote male choir in Japan and strengthen mutual exchange among JAMCA members. In July 2004, we took a leadership to organize the "JAMCA Tokyo" in Sumida Triphony Hall (Tokyo Kinshicho) with 500 participants. When we received a rousing cheer from full house audience, a laboriousness effort to leading up to the event turned into a great joy.We have been participating actively in JAMCA performance to be carried out biennially as a member of the executive board.

TLT 1925 has started exchanges with Korea male choir (KMC) from 1983 and held a joint concert taking turns in Tokyo and Seoul every 3 to 4 years. The joint concerts were held in Korea, at the Sejong Center, the Hall of Fame of Arts in Seoul, the Goyang City Opera House located in near Seoul, and Seoul Lotte Concert Hall, and in Japan, in Tokyo, Kanazawa and Amagasaki. In 2016 we received a standing ovation from Korean audiences at Seoul Lotte Concert Hall, which became our unforgettable memories. From 2017 we have started a new plan to invite the regular conductor of the regular performance of KMC and TLT with one another. With this plan we are aiming at strengthening our friendship and adding new Korean choral pieces to our repertoire.

From 2014, as a first step of exchange with Taiwan, we have started to carry out a joint concert in Taipei with the Taipei Yongle Rotary Club choir and the National Taiwan University Alumni Choir, and in Tainan with the National Cheng Kung University Faculty mixed chorus.

We have been tackling several projects such as requesting several famous composers for commissioned work; advertising male choir piece; performing these pieces first time; producing record and CD of these pieces, and issuing the sheet music.

Our members are composed of a wide range of age groups ranging from the 80s to the 20s. We always emphasize team work and tackling chorus activities. Regular practice always starts with elaborating vocal exercise to brush "Tarfel tone".We are continuing the daily challenging practice to be able to perform the highest quality performance for a wide audience would enjoy.