Leader introduction M.G.V. TOKYO LIEDERTAFEL 1925


特定非営利活動法人(Nonprofit Orgnaization)



Leader introduction/Leitereinfuhrung

Resident Conductor: Hidekazu Himoto

Born in 1954 in Tokyo. Graduated from the Vocal Music School and Conducting department at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. Studied vocal music from Ryousuke Hatanaka, Tadahiko Hirano and Akio Ookubo, and conducting from Eiichi Itou, Nobori Kaneko, Masahisa Endo, Martin Mälzer and Koutarou Satou. Received Ataka Prize while studying at the university. Conducted at Beijing, Xi’an, and Shanghai in 1984 by the invitation from the China government. In 1985 at the Carnegie hall, conducted the “silber bridge concert” celebrating 25th anniversary of sister city partnership between Tokyo and New York. The performance received a high reputation in the New York Times.

In the field of Opera he conducted ”Mourning” composed by Mareo Ishiketa in 1981, “Magic Flute” in 1984. Conducted many operas at Japan Opera Association, New National Theatre, etc. In the field of Choir he conducted Waseda University Glee Club, Musashino Choir, Tokyo Chorus, Keio University Wagner Society Female Choir, Aoyama University Green Harmony Choir and others. He also conducted many Choral music with Orchestra, such as Handel “Messiah”, Mozart “Requiem” and “Coronation Mass”, and Verdi “Requiem”. He was a Conductor-in-Residence of the Tokyo Philharmonic Chorus from 1990 to 2007. In January 2002 he was appointed as a Chief Conductor of TLT1925. His instruction style to increase the ability to concentration of members (emphasis on reading of the score and scene hidden in the poem, pulling out color and a sense of movement, and sometimes singing himself while conducting) contributed a lot for the improvement of TLT 1925. During the 6th concert tour of TLT 1925 to Germany in 2012 he conducted Japanese and German songs at Frankfurt Choir Festival and concerts at various places, and received a standing ovation at each concert. In January 2014 he premiered the opera “Misuzu” which is based on his draft script and composed by Sayaka Ishiguro at the New National Theater and it was well received.

At present he is a lecturer at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, Toho Gakuen Junior Colledge, Nikikai Opera Training Institute, Opera Singer Development Department at the Japan Opera Foundation. In addition, he is active as a Jury for Choral Competition, and lecturer at Choral workshop and conductor workshop. He organizes his own opera company.

常任指揮者  樋本 英一 (ひもと ひでかず)

Conductor: Yoshihiko Iwasa

Received the guidance for vocal-chorus teaching method from late Mr. Hiroaki Araki, and Shunji Aratani, and for conducting from Syunji Aratani.
Served as a conductor of Meiji University “Aurea Vox” and many other choirs.
Joined TLT1925 at his age of 24 and significantly contributed to the musicality improvement of TLT1925. He is also familiar with the 90 years history of TLT1925. In addition he is one of those who contributed to the development of male chorus society in Japan.

Has a lot of popularity from the TLT members. His conducting style of reflecting his personality unites our members’ mind and helps us perform pleasant music. Conducted foreign songs such as Sibelius male chorus music, Schubert chorus music, Liszt Mass, etc., and Japanese chorus music composed by Minoru Miki, Osamu Shimizu, Takehiko Tada, Ikuma Dan, Ichirou Higo. Premiered in 2013 “I-hato-bu Fantasia” composed by Norio Suzuki and entrusted by Mr. Kikuo Ikeda. He placed importance on the lyrics and is giving a great impression on the audience.

It has become legendary that his excellent performance in Seoul for three times at the Japan-South Korea Joint concert received high praise from the members of Korea Male Chorus and standing ovation from the full house audience. In the German concert tour in June 2012 he conducted “Upopo of Ainu” and German folk songs and gained popular impression of teas in various places.

Conducted the mixed chorus consist of 160 members at “Minoru Miki Memorial Concert-Three Requiems” in July 2014 and led the performance to great success. In addition in October 2014, his conduct gained popularity for “Kurudando”~ Cantata - for mixed chorus and Japanese instruments by Amami melody- at the Vocal music and traditional Japanese music instrument ensemble concert.

At present he is a resident conductor of male choir “Tafel Silvaner 1995”- which consists of OB of Tafel and was awarded the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Award and Governor of Tokyo Prize in Silver chorus Fest. In addition, he conducts Tokorozawa Männer Choir, Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, Tokyo Women's Medical University Mixed Chorus, etc.

指揮者  岩佐 義彦 (いわさ よしひこ)

Pianist: Kiri Sato

Graduated from the Piano department of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music through its affiliate high school. Also completed the program from the Organ department at the same university. Received guidance for the piano from late Yasuko Agawa, Susumu Umetani, and for the pipe organ from Reiko Shimada. Was active as an ensemble pianist while studying at the university. Is the dedicating pianist for TLT1925.

Her accompaniment at the 2013 TLT regular concert for choral music of “poetry on love” arranged from the songs composed by Richard Strauss, was well received in terms of supporting both the elegant sweetness of the original song and the spirituality and strength of the male chorus. In addition, she accompanied three times “Tokoshinani” composed and written by Norio Suzuki at the Sakata concert in September 2014, the regular concert in November 2014, and JAMCA Kansai joint concert at Itami in January 2015. Her delicate piano play fascinated the audience at each concert hall. She has a rumor of having drunk Nada sake of exiting but unusual amount at the tavern in Kobe Sannomiya on occasion of JAMCA Kansai practice. At present she is a permanent pianist for 11 choirs such as Musashino citizen choir and Tokorozawa Mixed Chorus. She performs with many choirs as a player for piano and organ.

She is active in performing with the vocal music, pipe percussion and string instrument, and as a coaching pianist for opera and ballet, and a keyboard player for orchestra and brass band. She shines particularly in the early stage of practice for confirming sound. She delivers the conductor’s request by piano to each part casually but clearly based on her rich experience and careful music interpretation. She is a dependable pianist with a great presence for TLT1925.

ピアニスト  佐藤 季里 (さとう きり)

Sumiya Utsushigawa : Bariton/Voice Trainer

Born in Manchuria in 1942. Chorus activity during high school days triggered to study at the vocal music department of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. Studied with Teiichi Nakayama. Received the Ataka prize. Chosen as the solo singer of the University Messiah performance and the Yomiuri rookie concert

Converted from Bass to Baritone while studying under guidance of R. Ricci. This gave him incentive to further study the vocal training method until now.

Upon graduation he worked as a voice trainer and at the same time studied as the Nikikai student. Then he went to Italy. After having studied mainly under L. Bellon in Milan, he returned to Japan. He started again the voice trainer and performer. Guided many choirs and singers. One of the choirs received the first prize at the national chorus competition several times consecutively. His singing method and vocalization have gradually been penetrating in the members of TLT 1925.

As a result of vocalization research he translated the first full-fledged academic literatue of vocal term dictionary (by Cornelius Ried) in Japan and published it in 2005. He is now writing the full-fledged reference for Methodology of F.Fusler, which is said to be the bible of Bell Canto singing method. This will be published in 2015.

ヴォイストレーナー  移川 澄也 (うつしがわ すみや)