Introduction to Tafel M.G.V. TOKYO LIEDERTAFEL 1925


特定非営利活動法人(Non profit Orgnaization)



Introduction to Tafel

男声合唱団 東京リーダーターフェル1925

Location     :
5F, Jinbo BLDG, 20-1, Konyacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0035

Male Choir Tokyo Liedertafel 1925 (MGV. TLT 1925)
Established in 1925
TLT 1925 was founded by late Takatoshi Yamaguchi, a graduate from Doshisha glee club, who had been longing strongly to the male chorus of Germany, and late Hideo Akiyama, who served later as a president of Japan Chorus Federation. TLT 1925 is the oldest non-student amateur male choir in Japan.
TLT 1925 has been continuing international exchange with the German choir society since its foundation as the only Japanese member of German Choir Federation.
TLT 1925 welcomed late Mr. Dietrich Schmidt (honorary conductor) as the guest conductor from 1959 to 1971. Since then, German choir pieces have become the main repertoire of TLT1925. With the help of Mr. Schmidt TLT1925 was invited to the choral festival sponsored by German Choir Federation in 1968, when TLT1925 introduced the Japanese chorus culture. Since then we have been regularly visiting Germany in 1976, 1983, 1992, 2003 and 2012 for concert tour to deepen exchanges with choirs of several German cities. We have visited more than 20 cities in Germany and have received a heartfelt welcome from each choir of the city. Many of our members were welcomed to home stay and had a lot of friends.
As a result of these exchanges, several choirs from Germany visited Tokyo for performance: Saarknappenchor in 1972, Berliner Liedertafel 1885 in 1980, Leipzig-Nord in 1994, and the Augsburg Mixed Chorus in 1996, further, Nieder-Wöllstadt "Concordia" in April 2006, and again Berliner Liedertafel visited Tokyo in 2010.
In 1971 TLT 1925 called on the male voice choirs in all over Japan and established the Japan Male Chorus Association (JAMCA), and has been promoting the exchange of male chorus in Japan. In July 2004, TLT 1925 took a leadership to organize the "JAMCA Tokyo" in Sumida Triphony Hall (Tokyo Kinshicho). The concert finished in big success with about 500 people participation from all over the country. We also enjoyed the first Kansai's JAMCA Shiga concert with the participation of more than 650 people in September 2008. We participated in JAMCA Hokkaido held in Sapporo city in 2011 and JAMCA Shinsyu held in Okaya city in Nagano prefecture in July 2013. We also participated in JAMCA Kansai held at Itami Hall (near Osaka) in January 2015 and sang “Tokoshinani” of composition and Lyrics by Mr. Norio Suzuki with all together 163 people from 6 choirs.
TLT 1925 has started exchanges with Korea male voice choir (KMC) from 1983 and held a joint concert taking turns in Tokyo and Seoul. In April 2002 TLT 1925 also carried out the 8th exchange concert in the Hall of Fame of Arts in Seoul with a support from the Japan Foundation. In July 2005 we carried out the 9th exchange concert in Tokyo and Kanazawa, which was highly praised on the local newspapers. In May 2008 we held a joint concert with KMC to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the KMC at the Goyang City Opera House located in near Seoul. In June 2011 we had scheduled to carry out the 11th Japan-Korea friendship male chorus concert in Tokyo, but it was postponed due to the Great East Japan Earthquake. In June 2013 we held a joint concert in Tokyo with KMC celebrating the 30th anniversary of exchange between TLT 1925 and KMC. We added many Korean chorus pieces to our repertoire. We are planning a joint concert in Seoul again in 2016.
We also carried out a concert tour to Taiwan from March 14 to 18, 2014. With efforts of Taipei Yongle Rotary Club, we enjoyed a joint concert in Taipei with the Taipei Yongle Rotary Club choir and the National Taiwan University Alumni Choir. In Tainan we carried out a joint concert with the National Cheng Kung University Faculty mixed chorus. All of choir members were impressed by great applause from the audiences. Thanks to the warm hospitality of the people who sang together in Taiwan, this first tour became the successful first step to our future exchange.
We celebrated commemoration of 90 anniversary in 2015. We held the 90 anniversary concert at the Sumida Triphony Hall on November 22, 2015 and the memorial celebration party after the concert; made CD record entitled "Showa Roman" and published its musical score; and made public offering of new male chorus work. We have been working on TLT's NPO registration process since 2014. Tokyo metropolitan government authorized the NPO registration on November 4, 2015. It was a busy but very fruitful year in 2015 and we thank to all of you that this was possible by your sole support to our singing activities.
In 2016 we are planning joint concerts with KMC (Korea male voice choir) in Seoul and in Chuncheon in October. The Chuncheon concert will be joined by the Chuncheon male voice choir. We will also hold the regular concert at Sumida Triphony Hall on December 10, 2016, when we will premiere the new male chorus piece, selected through public offering in 2015, lyrics by Yumeji Takeshita and composition by Kaori Morita. In addition we will sing Bruckner male chorus pieces, "New Songs" by Takatomi Nobunaga (together with "One Stage members"), and famous songs entitled as "a la carte".

TLT 1925 members are composed of a wide range of age groups ranging from the 80s to the 20s with a spirit of challenge, and we are continuing the day and night efforts for a higher quality performance.